We understand the importance of resources for one’s spiritual journey, and have focused our attention on developing material to aid believers. We have published Metamorpha: Jesus as a Way of Life by Kyle Strobel (Baker Books, 2007), have co-branded Larry Warner’s Journey With Jesus (IVP, 2010), and are editing a book on how to read spiritual classics as evangelicals (IVP Academic, forthcoming). But our resources are not limited to books. We have developed short videos answering key questions concerning spiritual formation, we have collected and developed audio for various aspects of the Christian life, and even have listed some important articles we believe will prove helpful to you as you seek to ask questions about the spiritual life, the Bible, and life with God.


Formed for the Glory of God:Learning from the Spiritual Practices of Jonathan Edwards
Wisdom tells us to sit at the feet of our elders rather than the latest ministry fad. And is there a better elder to guide us than Jonathan Edwards?
Reading the Christian Spiritual Classics:A Guide for Evangelicals
Many have come to discover the wealth of spiritual insight available in the Desert Fathers and other traditions. The essays in this volume provide a guide for evangelicals to read the Christian spiritual classics.