Those of us at Metamorpha function at several different levels of ministry, all requiring a great deal of prayer. We relish prayer as we seek to honor God through our lives and in our various ministries, for us and our families. If you would come alongside of us in prayer, we have no doubt that Christ’s hand and Spirit will lead us faithfully. Along these lines, we ask that you pray that we always have ears to hear and eyes to see – for discernment of the Spirit as we seek the Lord in all we do.

For those of us at Metamorpha who are engaged in seeking God on an academic level, we require incredible amounts of discernment to seek the Scriptures diligently, to lay our minds and hearts at the feet of Christ that our thinking would be conformed to his will, and for guidance that we would not be led astray by theological or cultural forces that are contrary to the Word of God. In our various day-to-day ministries, we ask for prayer that we could lead, in whatever form God has called us to in the present, in ways that conform to His Gospel and His will for us in this time. For the Metamorpha retreats and spiritual direction ministries, we ask for prayer that we would constantly seek God’s guidance through his Word and in prayer. We ask that these ministries would point to Him rather than us. Ultimately, we ask that we would stay the course and be faithful to what God has revealed in Christ Jesus by His Holy Spirit. There are great forces in this world that fly under the banner of Christ that undermine the reality of His Gospel and His kingdom, some of which claim to embrace spiritual formation, and others that have devoted their lives to undermine it. Please pray that we would always come back to Christ, seeking His judgments rather than the judgments of this world.


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