The book, Formed for the Glory of God: Learning from the Practices of Jonathan Edwards is book devoted to spiritual formation through our evangelical tradition. Mining Edwards for a model of the Christian life, this book outlines what the Christian life looks like when it is captivated by the glory and beauty of God. It is written in such a way as to be broadly accessible to the church, and provides practical guidance that would be beneficial in small groups. Formed for Glory coverClick here for a video introduction.

“This is an important book that can change your life.”

Dr. Rick Warren, Saddleback Church

“Strobel has written a deeply thoughtful and informed primer on spirituality that is based on Edwards’ theology and life. From the ‘sovereignty principle’ to an Edwardsian retreat, Kyle has given a gift that will be a means of grace for many.”

John Ortberg, Menlo Presbyterian Church

“Kyle Strobel shows us a better way—a way less traveled—for how to live the Christian life bound to the Son in love. A feast awaits all those with eyes to see.”

Justin Taylor, managing editor, ESV Study Bible; blogger, “Between Two Worlds”

“This book did more than teach me; it awakened longing for God.  It introduces Jonathan Edwards as the luminous, pastoral, passionate, and deeply Christian man that he was.  I heartily commend it to you.”

Gerald L. Sittser, Professor of Theology, Whitworth University, and author of Water From a Deep Well

“If biblical spirituality is something you cherish and long for, you can do no better than join Strobel, together with Edwards, in this profoundly life-changing exploration. Highly recommended!”

 Sam Storms, Ph.D, Lead Pastor, Bridgeway Church

“… an extremely helpful volume that delineates what a distinctively evangelical piety has looked like in the past and why that pattern is still of great value today.”

Michael A. G. Haykin, professor of church history and biblical spirituality,

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary



Part One: A Journey into Beauty

1. A Journey to See Clearly

2. Mapping the Way of Love

3. Walking in Affection

Part Two: Tools for the Journey

4. Spiritual Disciplines as Means of Grace

5. Knowledge of God and Knowledge of Self

6. Meditation and Contemplation

7. Jonathan Edwards’s Spiritual Practices


Appendix 1: Praying with Jonathan Edwards

Appendix 2: Practicing Conference with Jonathan Edwards

Appendix 3: Going on Retreat with Jonathan Edwards

Appendix 4: The Jonathan Edwards Project



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2 Responses to Formed for the Glory of God

  1. JT Caldwell says:

    Thanks for including the table of contents, as it’s not available for viewing on Amazon yet.

  2. Who might this book interest? I think that this book would be of interest to those Christian who have mastered the basic spiritual disciplines of the Christian life and desire to know God more deeply. Spiritual friendship and direction may be the next step on one’s journey.

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