I saw a moustache yesterday.
If you saw it, it probably would have been the memorable moment of your day as well. 
The Story
A former staff member,  now friend of mine, came back to campus to visit and take a short work-related class.  I hadn’t seen him in about six months except through pictures on Facebook.  I knew that he had grown a moustache over that amount of time, but I didn’t really know.  I hadn’t let it sink in.  I hadn’t experienced it.  I was aware of it, but I didn’t comprehend it. 
Trust me, if you saw this moustache in person you would know what I mean.
It required some willpower to look my friend in the eyes, and not… you know, the moustache.
The Correlation
As we were talking he mentioned how much my son Isaiah had improved since he last visited.  Isaiah’s been in Head Start preschool and speech therapy.  He’s been improving socially.  His comprehension and articulation skills have developed greatly.  It’s been a gradual process for us  but we do know his speech is getting better.  For my friend, though, it was six months of maturation to take in all in one visit.  He was amazed by how much Isaiah had learned.
That’s when I said, “kinda like how I’m amazed by your moustache.”



The Application
I often get discouraged with my own growth.
I don’t feel 34.
I’m still lazy and disorganized.
I still struggle with the same old sins.
I am not good at the same things professionally as I was not good at five years ago.
I still compare myself to my peers and find myself inadequate.


But, I need to realize that I have grown, it’s just been gradual from my perspective.

I am 34, who cares what that feels like…
I’m tired and lazy sometimes, but I also work like crazy other times (plus I have a 5 year old son).
Yeah, I struggle with the same sins, but the struggle looks different, and I bring it to the foot of the cross far more often.
I’m not the best at some things professionally, but at least now I know it, and I know how to improve.

And, inadequacy is just an area that Satan has found me vulnerable to attack. 

It’s a lie that I haven’t grown.  A lie that Satan tempts me to believe so I will be crippled by despair.
Speech development is a gradual process.
Moustache growth is a gradual process.
…And growth in general is a gradual process.

I have grown, but growth is slow and gradual.  It doesn’t mean I’m worthless.
It just means I’m still a man in need of a savior.  





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