Mission Statement: Metamorpha Ministries seeks to walk alongside fellow Christians on their journey of faith, fostering discernment of the Holy Spirit’s leading by providing soul care, retreats, formational and by equipping believers that they might be spiritually formed into the image of Christ.

Metamorpha Ministries was started in 2005 by Jamin Goggin and Kyle Strobel with the vision that the evangelical church was in desperate need of a deeply evangelical understanding of the Christian life. This vision continues to drive Metamorpha in the various areas they feel called to, whether in a retreat setting or through the development of resources. The emphasis on the evangelical nature of spiritual formation, as well as a particular theological emphasis, is one of the main ways Metamorpha is set apart from other formation ministries. The goal is not to help people gain self-understanding, nor is it simply to help people navigate their struggles, but the goals of Metamorpha revolve around a devotion to Christ and his Kingdom above all else, and the belief that as evangelicals, we have a specific vision of what that entails (that will differ from Eastern Orthodox or Catholic accounts).

Metamorpha Ministries continues to seek God’s guidance through each of our ministry areas, and are doing so through key individuals and an advisory board. The Metamorpha Team is run by Jamin Goggin, President of Metamorpha Ministries, followed by Kyle Strobel (Vice-President) and Julie Barrios (Secretary). Julie is directly over the spiritual direction and retreat ministries, focusing her leadership on the day-to-day ministries of Metamorpha, while Kyle overseas the development of resources and the vision of the ministry. Along these lines, the Metamorpha Team meets with an advisory board that guides the ministry and helps facilitate the ministry’s plans to enact the vision. This board is made up of the following individuals: Larry Warner, Steve Porter, Doug Slaybaugh, and Janice Munemitsu.

Furthermore, Metamorpha Ministries has developed ministry partners that we, in one way or another, work alongside of. These ministries are: InterVarsity Press, Conversations Journal, B Ministries, Institute of Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Formation Alliance, and LeeStrobel.com.


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